Project management your way

The clinical research world is evolving faster than ever, giving businesses the opportunity to find competitive advantages through innovations in Information Technology. Our KaleidoSCOPE platform supports your clinical research projects with creative, powerful and innovative solutions to meet your clinical challenges and business objectives.

KaleidoSCOPE is designed to become a powerful, versatile clinical trial and project management platform that allows you to work just the way you want to – quickly and intuitively via a central portal that allows management of the complete trial process. KaleidoSCOPE systems comprise:

  • InSIGHT clinical trial management system (CTMS)
  • SCORIS Scope’s automated electronic safety reporting information system
  • CRYSTAL training module for clinical professionals
  • IRT systems

The KaleidoSCOPE systems are developed based on our profound experience and knowledge gained from more than 18 years of being a strong and competent partner in clinical trials.

Being proprietary solutions, we have unique flexibility regarding further development of the systems in accordance with our and especially your needs.

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KaleidoSCOPE – the benefits at a glance

With KaleidoSCOPE, you have the tools and resources at hand that you need to manage and optimize your study:

  • Live tracking and visualization of study performance via dashboards and ongoing analysis of live data for tighter management and control
  • Real-time 360° project overview– study progress at a glance, enabling performance optimization and global harmonization of operational processes
  • Automatic safety reporting to all institutions and other stakeholders concerned

KaleidoSCOPE – stage of development

SCORIS, the first application of our proprietary KaleidoSCOPE platform, programmed to allow automated electronic safety reporting, was launched in 2013. Since then it has been used successfully in numerous clinical trials.

Since 2014, we have focused most of our effort on the development of InSIGHT, our proprietary clinical trial management system, which was rolled out January 2017. With the initial version of InSIGHT being released, we have a wide range of additional features in the pipeline – such as a feature allowing import from external eCRFs that will be available soon!

In 2016, we also launched a customizable web-based IRT system which enables subject randomization by authorized users, real time subject status tracking, emergency unblinding and notifications. The system has a customizable design, light and user-friendly interface.

2018 was the birth year of SCOPE´s custom E-Signature feature. Currently, the E-Signature is available within InSIGHT with the option to become available in other systems in the future as well.

Currently we are developing an additional feature to enable data import from eCRFs into InSIGHT.