Project management your way

KaleidoSCOPE is designed to become a powerful, versatile clinical trial and project management system that allows you to work just the way you want to – quickly and intuitively via a central portal that allows documentation of the complete trial process.

The clinical research world is evolving faster than ever, putting businesses under greater pressure to find competitive advantages through innovation and Information Technology. Our KaleidoSCOPE platform seamlessly integrates tried-and-tested solutions with the latest IT developments and E-service provider data, so that we can support your clinical research projects with creative, innovative solutions to meet your current and future clinical challenges and business objectives.

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KaleidoSCOPE snapshot

KaleidoSCOPE provides you with everything you need in one portal to manage and optimize your clinical project:

  • Data integration from external and internal sources into one global database
  • Data management tools to structure and visualize your data
  • InSIGHT clinical trial management system (CTMS)
  • SCORIS Scope’s automated electronic safety reporting information system
  • CRYSTAL training module for clinical professionals

Data managed dynamically

KaleidoSCOPE provides role-based access for users to view live clinical trial and safety reporting data in numerous formats and supports data importation from multiple sources.

Role-based access allows real-time viewing for study stakeholders based on their responsibilities, such as global trial data access for project management, country-level and site-specific data access for CRAs and overall access for quality assurance assessors.

  • Data importing from external sources, such as electronic data capture (eCRF, eDiary etc.), laboratory data, IRT, safety data, clinical databases and data integrated from third-party vendorsIntegration of all data into one global database that can be easily managed to generate study status reports, performance measurements, etc. in multiple formats.
  • KaleidoSCOPE’s powerful dashboard functionality is able to visualize data from single or multiple sources in one graphic or a collection of graphics within one dashboard to create focused or overall study views.

More flexibility, more control

With KaleidoSCOPE, you can automatically connect critical parameters and essential processes, seamlessly gathering data from disparate sources to see how distinct parts affect your overall study.

You also can set key performance indicators (KPIs) to perform live issue escalation and root-cause analyses at any point in your trial. Such information enables you to implement new rules and workflows to optimize project management through our corrective and preventative action (CAPA) processes and to react quickly to any new challenges, thereby keeping your project on track

KaleidoSCOPE – the benefits at a glance

With KaleidoSCOPE, you have all the tools and resources that you need to manage and optimize your study. KaleidoSCOPE allows facilitation of decision-making – knowing sooner, deciding better, and finishing faster.

  • Live tracking and visualization of study performance at multiple levels and ongoing analysis of live data for tighter management and control
  • Data optimization for highest quality study results while reducing time and costs by faster project completion
  • Dynamic key performance indicators (KPIs) can be set to exactly fit study requirements
  • Automatic safety reporting to all institutions and other stakeholders concerned
  • Customizable, real-time 360° project overview– study progress at a glance, enabling performance optimization and global harmonization of operational processes
  • Advanced dashboards and specialized tools that allow tracking of site performance, assigning tasks, tracking issues to resolution and scheduling monitoring visits according to individual site requirements
  • The training module will allow for SCOPE internal training tracking including regular updates and automated reminder functions. The training plan also covers regional requirements assuring compliance.

KaleidoSCOPE – stage of development

The first application of our proprietarily developed KaleidoSCOPE SCORIS, programmed to allow automated electronic safety reporting, was launched in 2013.

In a program of planned roll out, development during 2015 has focused on the clinical trial management system (InSIGHT), which is in final user acceptance testing and will be rolled out on new studies during 2016.

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