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Renewal of French Research Tax Credit Accreditation (CIR)

According to Art. 244 quarter B of the French Fiscal code, companies may be granted a research tax credit based on their research and technological development («R&D») expenditures. The corresponding activities may be entrusted to organizations or experts approved beforehand by the ministry for research.

Tax credit on R&D expenditures covers 30% of all R&D costs including salaries, social security contributions, amortization and depreciation allowances, operating costs, subcontracting, patents and monitoring.

As approved and registered organization for the French Research Tax Credit (CIR) on the one hand and providing the entire range of clinical research activities, on the other hand, Scope International meets both requirements. It has been notified of the renewal of its CIR (Research Tax Credit) authorization until the end of 2019 by the competent authority (Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, MESR).

NewsRenewal of French Research Tax Credit Accreditation (CIR)